Safety Concerns at Abortion Centers Rise During Pandemic



By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

Safety concerns at Pennsylvania abortion centers are rising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A check of the Department of Health website shows no abortion facility inspection reports have been posted since Coronavirus swept through Pennsylvania.

Indeed, the last report posted is dated February 12th and shows the Philadelphia Women’s Center failing its inspection. At the time, health officials discovered that the troubled abortion center had not obtained parental consent for some chemical abortions for minor girls.

The facility also had no evidence of a patient safety committee nor an infection control committee. The lack of infection control oversight is especially egregious, considering the Coronavirus crisis that subsequently hit the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania’s Governor had the opportunity to stop abortions during the virus outbreak. In fact, one of the Wolf Administration’s orders during the pandemic suspended elective surgeries statewide.

But Governor Tom Wolf, an outspoken backer of Planned Parenthood, refused to enforce the order on abortion facilities, claiming abortion to be an “essential service.” Despite the entreaties of legislators in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate, the Governor never backed off his radical stand.

The apparent lack of oversight of abortion facilities during the pandemic is worrisome. After all, Pennsylvania gained national notoriety after the discovery of the brutal crimes of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell is now serving a life sentence in prison after being convicted of the murders of three newborn babies. The West Philadelphia abortionist was also convicted of causing the death of a female immigrant patient, Karnamaya Mongar.

The health and safety of how many women have been comprised at PA abortion centers during the pandemic? We may never know for sure. But what is apparent is that the Wolf Administration is not serious about abortion center regulation–especially in these troubling times.

Emergency Alert: Planned Parenthood Open for Abortion Business During Coronavirus Crisis

Baby with block



Emergency Alert: While Businesses Throughout PA Shut Their Doors, Planned Parenthood is Open for Abortion Business

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered businesses throughout the Commonwealth to close.

Yet, Planned Parenthood remains open—for abortion business only.

 “At this time, Planned Parenthood Keystone is serving patients in Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Warminster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg for abortion services only,” reads the Coronavirus update message on the Planned Parenthood Keystone website ( ).

Please join us in calling on Gov. Wolf to order Planned Parenthood to stop performing abortions during the coronavirus outbreak.

You can show your support by signing the petition here: .

For more on Planned Parenthood performing abortions during a national health emergency, click here: .

Please share our inspirational Open Letter to a Pregnant Woman During the Coronavirus Crisis, found here:

Together, we can stop pregnant women and preborn children from being harmed by abortion during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hyperbole and Half-Truths Keep Abortion Unsafe

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

by Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director

Planned Parenthood is sounding the siren, alerting supporters in an email to the grave threat they face.

“… as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the June Medical Services case, we’re faced with a terrifying possibility: that our rights could be gutted in a few short months.”

Hyperbole and half-truths.

This case is NOT about abortion “rights” or access. And it is not brought by women seeking abortions but by abortion centers seeking to maximize profits. Whether providers even have legal standing to file suit as a third party is itself questionable.

This IS a case about protecting the safety of women.

The abortion industry thrives on misinformation, doing everything it can to hoodwink supporters into believing that they truly care about women.

But they don’t.

If they did, they would provide medical care that meets standards required at any other out-patient surgical facility. They would employ qualified doctors who have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, so that, if ever needed, emergency care could be sought.  They would recognize that abortion complications do happen and that they can be deadly to a woman.

The reality is that the abortion industry sets their bar for women’s health much lower than the bar for their profit margin.  Consequently, vulnerable young women, who’ve paid hundreds of dollars to entrust themselves to what is often an itinerant abortionist with whom they have no prior relationship, put their health and lives at risk.

According to a Wall Street Journal editorial, five abortionists at June Medical Services did not have hospital admitting privileges. When the Louisiana legislature passed a law to remedy that situation, one abortionist retired, three failed to make a good-faith effort to obtain privileges, and one was discovered to have had no medical school training to perform abortions.

Upholding the duty to protects its citizens, the state of Louisiana said women deserve better.  Like 14 other states, their legislature raised the bar on the abortion industry, acting to protect women from substandard care by requiring admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

And now the abortion industry is challenging that common-sense regulation at the Supreme Court, while its largest provider claims, “our rights could be gutted in a few short months.”

What “rights”?  The right to an untrained doctor? Or one who can’t earn admitting privileges to a hospital due to incompetence?  Or is too apathetic to even try?  The right to delayed treatment of a perforated uterus or a fetal arm left behind?

What about the rights of young women who surrender their babies and bodies to the hands and tools of the abortionist? Is any abortion, whether unsafe, unsterile, and unregulated, better than an abortion that holds the provider to a reasonable level of accountability?

If the abortion industry is unwilling to enact basic safety guidelines that protect women, hasn’t the back alley just simply moved to the front office?

Yes, Planned Parenthood is sounding the siren, but it’s certainly not the one meant to rescue a wounded woman from a botched abortion. It’s the one meant to rescue them from any regulation that might diminish their profits.

Wolf wants YOU to pay for Abortions

wolf stands with PP

by Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director

Can you imagine all the good you could do with $3 million?

Rather than do good, Governor Tom Wolf, would gift it to the abortion industry. His current proposed state budget allocates a hefty sum of tax money- your money, my money- for the abortion giant.

Wolf, a former Planned Parenthood escort, claims this is to protect “access to reproductive health care,” doublespeak for the abortion industry. Abortion is not health care, obviously, as it aims to kill, not heal.

Planned Parenthood sought to replace federal dollars that it lost when it refused to comply with federal regulations. But let’s be clear: Planned Parenthood defunded themselves when they chose abortion, not women’s health, as their top priority. Services such as Pap smears and breast exams have been steadily declining, while the rate of abortions and profits have steadily increased. (Learn more here.)

Meanwhile, abortion facilities throughout the state chalk up violation after violation, often failing annual inspections and offering substandard care to women. (See inspection results.)

Wolf may claim that the state funding wouldn’t be used directly for abortions. But it could pay for the electricity that powers the suction machine or for the water that wipes up spilled blood. Or the salary of the abortionist.

Claiming 83 innocent lives every day, abortions in Pennsylvania totaled 30,364 in 2018.  The vast majority (87%) were done in six counties, mostly in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions. The largest age group having abortions (30.5%) was 25-29 years old. Forty-seven percent of the women seeking abortion had already had at least one previous abortion, with 1,291 women having as many as four or more abortions. Thirteen percent of all abortions were performed after the first trimester, which means that 3960 pain-capable babies endured a violent death. (See report here.)

Do hard-working citizens throughout the Commonwealth really want to finance this?

Governor Wolf thinks so, often marketing his loyalty to the abortion industry as necessary to provide “health care” to the poor and to minorities.

But that’s not true. Better options exist.

Comprehensive health care, regardless of ability to pay, is available to women and families in need at 387 Federally Qualified Health Clinics throughout the state.  In addition, over 200 Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout the Commonwealth offer material, emotional, and financial support to women facing difficult pregnancies, and they do all that at no cost to clients.  Real Alternatives works with many of these centers, assisting with temporary shelter, adoption information, and educational decisions, among other services. This is where Governor Wolf should direct the $3 million.

But perhaps Wolf feels beholden to Planned Parenthood. After all, they donated $1.5 Million to his 2018 campaign, and then spent another $2.5 Million to support other pro-abortion candidates.

Wolf’s cozy relationship with the abortion industry continues, but we, the taxpayers, shouldn’t have to finance it.

Contact your state legislators today and urge them to vote NO on any budget that requires us to subsidize the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood Shakeup: It’s All About Abortion

Leana Wen 2 By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

The news sent shockwaves through the Twittersphere: after less than nine months on the job, the president of Planned Parenthood was being ousted.

Dr. Leana Wen tweeted on Tuesday afternoon:

I just learned that the Board ended my employment at a secret meeting. We were engaged in good faith negotiations about my departure based on philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood. My statement to come shortly.

But what could those philosophical differences be? It appears that, even though she consistently claimed–falsely–that “abortion is health care,” Wen was not politically aggressive enough when it came to promoting abortion.

In a letter posted on Twitter, Wen said she came to Planned Parenthood to promote health care. But the new board’s leadership has made its priority doubling down on abortion advocacy.

This is what pro-lifers have known all along. The vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s abortion center income comes from abortion. Rather than promoting “choice,” the vast “non-profit” organization promotes abortion expansion.

Abby Johnson knows this first-hand. She’s the former Planned Parenthood director whose conversion to the pro-life cause after viewing an ultrasound-guided abortion formed the basis of the movie Unplanned.

With graciousness and love, Abby reached out to Wen on Twitter following news of Wen’s departure from Planned Parenthood:

Leana, I know exactly how Planned Parenthood works and know ALL about their secret meetings. If you ever want to talk about your experience (in complete confidence), I’m here. I will help in any way I can through your transition. 

The fact is, Abby and other pro-lifers stand ready to assist anyone who has been caught up in the tragic business of abortion. So many former abortion center workers are now ardently pro-life.

I can only hope that Leana Wen will come to see that Planned Parenthood is standing on the wrong side of history–and on the opposite side of women facing challenging pregnancies.

Mother Seeks Censure of Pro-Abortion Lawmaker

Ashley Garecht










By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

She had come seeking justice–not for herself, but for her daughters and their friend.

Ashley Garecht recently came to the state Capitol in Harrisburg, PA to do what she said was her job–advocating on behalf of her children.

You might not know Ashley’s name, but chances are you saw her face–trying to speak rationally and calmly to an out-of-control lawmaker in a video that went viral.

PA State Representative Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) recorded himself berating and harassing Ashley, her teenage girls, and their friend. The group had been quietly praying outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility known for its shoddy safety record.

Sims even offered a bounty to anyone who would identify the teenagers and reveal their home addresses. In a separate video, he used the same tactics to try to intimidate an older woman who was simply exercising her First Amendment rights by peacefully praying in front of the abortion center.

Sims has failed to personally apologize to Ashley, her daughters, their friend, and the unidentified older woman.

But Ashley–along with many people both in Pennsylvania and around the country–want to see Sims held accountable for his actions. They are supporting a resolution, sponsored by state Representative Jerry Knowles (R-Schuylkill, Berks, and Carbon Counties), which would formally censure Sims and take away his committee assignments.

At last county, House Resolution 387 had nearly 40 co-sponsors. But so far, House leadership has been reluctant to take up the cause–despite the nearly universal condemnation of Sims’ behavior.

And so Ashley made the rounds of the Capitol, meeting lawmakers in leadership, hoping to hold Sims to account. The odds might be stacked against her, but she is willing to try–for the sake of the young people that Sims badgered–and for all young people struggling to be heard above the din of a culture which tolerates, and at times even celebrates, abortion on demand.

Action Item: If you live in PA, please call and email your state Representative and urge him or her to support HR 387. 

Unplanned: The Story of Abby Johnson

Image result for unplanned movie

By Katy Schriner, intern

This Friday, March 29th, Unplanned will be released in theaters all across the United States. This is the story about a former Planned Parenthood worker, Abby Johnson, who was in fact the youngest Planned Parenthood center director in the nation. She also was a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, where she fought, she thought, to help women and enact legislation. What made her decide to embrace the Pro-life movement was when she found out about what Planned Parenthood really did when it came to unborn children and the counseling they provided for women, which led to 22,000 abortions that Abby was involved with. She was also a witness to an abortion where she saw the unborn child fighting for his life. Ever since that incident, she quit Planned Parenthood and joined the 40 Days for Life Campaign and now is one of the most passionate pro-life speakers in America.

Like any other topic that is about Pro-life or abortions, there were some issues that came along with the movie. Weeks before the movie was to be released, Hollywood decided that the film should be rated R for the reason of “some disturbing, bloody images”. But the co-director Chuck Konzelman feels otherwise, that Hollywood restricted the film because of politics. This has prevented teenagers in the world from seeing the truth about Planned Parenthood and the full effects of abortion and what happens to the mother. Konzelman fears that the movie’s R-rating will scare families away, at exactly the wrong time. However, there was an open letter from different leaders, actors and Academy Award-winners asking parents to not be discouraged from allowing their teenagers to see this movie.

We as Americans have this “shield” from seeing the truth and wanting to “keep secrets” away from society. Well enough is enough and that is what Unplanned is trying to do: uncover the real truth behind Planned Parenthood and show the world about what we are doing to innocent lives and how we are affecting our society today, tomorrow, and our future by having abortion in existence. This is a way to keep the conversation going showing kids, teenagers, college students and adults what lies behind the curtains and revealing the truth about our one true enemy: disrespect for human life.

Reversal for Life: How One Pill Saved a Life

Mother and child long shot

By Katy Schriner, intern

Here’s a scenario that I would like to test out: You are 19 years old, a part-time student and employee living at your parents’ house where you share a room with your sister. Now that you have this in mind, picture this: you are pregnant, which was completely unplanned. With this scenario in mind, you may be thinking of a thousand different things like going through the pregnancy, how to tell your family and friends that you’re pregnant, and ways of figuring out what to do with the baby and what is the best opinion to go with. This is the story of 19-year-old Emily, who had an unplanned pregnancy who took the Abortion Pill and then less than 12 hours after taking it took the Abortion Reversal Pill.

The story about Emily is a beautiful story and a realistic story of someone who thought one way was the best decision but then realized that it wasn’t and she was able to reverse her actions. As I mentioned above, she was only 19 years old when she found out that she was pregnant. At the time she was sharing a room with her sister and was terrified & worried about her future. The next day she went to a Planned Parenthood, where a nurse brought her into a room, had Emily sign waiver papers releasing the responsibilities from Planned Parenthood if anything were to go wrong and then the nurse handed her the 1st pill. At the time, Emily didn’t realize that the pill would cut off the baby’s food supply and cause him to stop growing. But at the time, her fear of being pregnant overcame all the other emotions which caused her to take the pill.

On the ride back home, she cried the whole way, consumed herself with guilt and regret. Once she got home, she told her sister what she did and told her she wanted to reverse the actions that she committed at Planned Parenthood. Emily and her sister started looking online and came across a website discussing a reversal pill. Then Emily had called the number to a hotline nurse, Elizabeth Delgado, who became the life saver in Emily’s life. Elizabeth had directed Emily to go to Patsy and Willie from the San Juan Diego Center and set up her appointment with them the next day. When Emily arrived at the center, Patsy had assured Emily that they were going to save her baby. During the appointment, Emily had learned about the common misconception about babies and the abortion industry: they love to promote that young babies in utero are only cells and aren’t real people (which is COMPLETELY FALSE). After the appointment with Patsy, Emily came home that day and told her parents everything including the reversal process. Her mom was very supportive of Emily all the way and even came to meet Patsy and Willie the next day to thank them!

In July, Emily gave birth to a healthy, beautiful and perfect 9 ½ pound baby named  Ezekiel (which means God strengthens). Without stories like Emily’s, women and the whole world would have no idea about the existence of the abortion reversal pill. Even though Emily was young and scared about the obstacles that she had in her way, she knew through her faith and consciousness that at the end of the day she was making the right decision by becoming a mother and being a role model to those who are or were in her shoes.

A Second Look at the Planned Parenthood scandal

Child pensive


By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director

It’s a good time to take a second look at the baby body parts scandal which rocked Planned Parenthood.

A series of undercover videos three years ago showed high-ranking Planned Parenthood officials blithely discussing harvesting the body parts of aborted babies as the doctors sipped wine and savored salad.

Last week, the group behind the videos, the Center for Medical Progress, asked the Supreme Court to toss out Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against it as a violation of first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

And just this week, Fox News featured its documentary on the scandal on its new streaming video service, Fox Nation.

The television special, “Planned Parenthood: the Hidden Harvest” is well worth a second look. It tells the story of David Daleiden, the intrepid citizen journalist who masterminded the undercover investigation.

The probe took two-and-a-half years and encompassed 300 hours of video. It also launched Congressional investigations into Planned Parenthood’s questionable business practices.

Tellingly, although former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards denied at the time that the organization profited from the sale of baby body parts, Planned Parenthood officials refused to be interviewed for “The Hidden Harvest.”

What does Planned Parenthood have to hide?

Planned Parenthood and the Language of Double-Speak

Leanna Wen


By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director

The double-speak coming out of Planned Parenthood these days is truly outrageous.

As a woman, I was appalled when I heard new Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen tell hosts of CBS This Morning that the abortion giant provides “lifesaving care.”

This claim ignores the fact that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion operation in the country, ending the lives of more than 300,000 preborn babies each year.

Wen further stated that she wants a society where “we trust all people to make the best decisions for themselves and their bodies.” But when she refers to “all people” she is excluding the human beings inside their mothers’ wombs. They never get to make a decision about their bodies, because they are denied a chance to live.

She refers to people of color, yet seems to be in denial about the fact that a disproportionate number of the babies aborted each year are African-American. This flies in the face of advocacy for minority rights.

As a doctor, Wen says that “My job is to give medically accurate information to my patients and allow them to make the best choices about their health.” But she fails to mention the adverse health effects abortion can have on women, including a greater likelihood of depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and eating disorders.

Planned Parenthood may have new leadership, but its tragic song remains the same: more children dying, more women crying. Rather than trusting women, Planned Parenthood shows its utter distrust in their ability to problem solve and parent. It also dishonors women by severing the sacred bond between mother and child. “Banned Parenthood” would be a more accurate name.