Watching Pro-Life History Being Made Through Cyberspace

Keeping Tomorrow AliveBy Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

One of the reasons I was initially persuaded to enter the field of journalism was because I liked the idea of having a front row seat to history as it was being made. That dream came true for me, as I was able to report on Presidents and Vice Presidents, First Ladies and Second Ladies, former astronauts and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

When I moved from the political beat to the life beat, working full-time in the pro-life movement, I did not initially realize that I still had a prime seat for watching history-in-the-making. It was just from a different vantage point, and it is often by means of an Internet connection.

And so this year I am a virtual visitor to the National Right to Life convention, watching fascinating general sessions via . The convention theme of Keeping Tomorrow Alive is on full display, as speaker after speaker notes the incredible strides that are being made to protect and defend the generation yet to be born.

It was electrifying to hear David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress,  whose undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials exposed the alleged trafficking of baby body parts, say that, on every front, Planned Parenthood is facing the end of its abortion empire.

Daleiden adroitly noted that “the worth of a human being is more than the sum of his or her body parts.”

In any other context, such a statement would be hailed by women’s rights activists as undeniably true.

The courageous citizen journalist wisely pointed out that “each new little member of the human family is an asset and not a liability.”

And the truth of that statement makes Daleiden’s prediction about the fate of the pro-life movement entirely conceivable: “If we keep steady, we can win.”

History is, indeed, being made at the 2017 National Right to Life Convention. If you couldn’t make it to Milwaukee this year in the conventional manner, take the cyber route. You won’t be disappointed!




Federation, NRLC Condemn Violence in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting

Three people are dead and nine more injured after a crazed gunman shot at people Friday from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Colorado Springs.

Pro-lifers across the nation quickly condemned the horrific violence, which does not appear to be motivated by abortion politics. While the alleged gunman Robert Lewis Dear’s motives remain unclear, he was certainly not pro-life.

According to, Dear appears to have no association with the pro-life movement and those who know him say he is an awkward man who never discussed religion or abortion. The profile they paint is far from a caricature of a pro-life activist who has an issue with the Planned Parenthood abortion business and more of a loner or renegade who may have mental health issues and, at a minimum, is a bit “off.”

We at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and our national affiliate, the National Right to Life Committee, condemn the violence that happened in Colorado Springs and at all abortion facilities across the U.S.

Our official position on violence is this: We support only peaceful efforts to restore the right to life and strongly condemn any acts of violence against advocates of abortion.  Such violent acts are not “pro-life” and only hurt the cause of generating respect for human life. We do not take part in or condone any illegal activity in the fight against abortion.

Carol Tobias, president of NRLC, also issued a statement immediately after the shooting, condemning the violence. She said: “National Right to Life, which represents 50 state affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, unequivocally condemns unlawful activities and acts of violence regardless of motivation. The pro-life movement works to protect the right to life and increase respect for human life. The unlawful use of violence is directly contrary to that goal.”

Every loss of life is tragic, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Colorado Springs victims and their families.

Couple Offers to Adopt after Watching Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

The undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices have left many in our nation shocked and horrified.

kevincookBut one young couple who watched the undercover investigation decided they wanted to do something more. reports more about their story:

Kevin and Nicole Cook lost a baby to miscarriage almost two years ago and have been struggling with infertility ever since.

When the Kentucky couple saw the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood profiting off aborted babies’ body parts, they were heartbroken, Live Action News reports.

“… it doesn’t break my heart .. it completely shatters it,” Kevin, a seminary student, wrote on his blog after watching the fourth undercover video, showing Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde, negotiating a fetal body parts deal, agreeing multiple times to illicit pricing per body part harvested, and suggesting ways to avoid legal consequences.

Kevin and his wife were moved to take action. Kevin sent out a call on his blog to mothers considering abortion:

If anyone out there reads this and is considering abortion, I will take your baby. My wife and I will gladly take all your babies! I’m completely serious. If you are pregnant and don’t want your child, we will. It’s not a fetus. It’s a blessing. Life matters.

That was in July. In October, the couple took their desire to adopt one step further and joined sidewalk counselors outside the abortion clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. Kevin and Nicole made signs that read: “God loves you and your baby” and “Please don’t abort … we will adopt your baby. Come talk to us!” Their passionate plea was met with mockery at the abortion facility, but they persevered.

Before going home, the Cooks took a picture of themselves outside the abortion center. They shared the photo and their dream to adopt on Facebook. Friends and family began to share the post and then it spread – to tens of thousands of others, according to the blog.

Four days later, Kevin shared good news on his blog – pregnant moms were messaging them about adoption.

He wrote:

The past few days have been insane! I’ve barely been able to touch my studies. … We’ve had literally thousands of messages from people all across the country. Many of them are supportive messages of encouragement. Even more are from families looking to adopt, either asking to be connected with a mother or for help in getting started.

… We’ve been in touch with dozens of pregnant women who were considering abortion, but after seeing our post reconsidered and messaged us. Amen to choosing life! However, a number of them seem to have fallen through for various reasons (miscarriage, no follow up communication, legal issues, etc).

We are still looking for the right situation for God to use us to save the life of a child who would otherwise be aborted, and we would love to be able to save two if God provides that!

The couple also has been very busy helping connect many of the pregnant women to local adoption agencies, according to the blog. They said many women who have contacted them want to choose adoption over abortion – but they just don’t know where to go.

The Cooks said they hope to “completely overwhelm” adoption agencies with birth mothers who have contacted them about their babies – and help save thousands of innocent lives from abortion.

11th Video: Abortionist Laughs about Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Brains

The Center for Medical Progress released its 11th video today revealing more disturbing details about Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices.

Watch the video here. Warning: Some graphic content.

Undercover investigators catch abortionist Amna Dermish for Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, laughing as she talks about harvesting intact aborted babies’ brains.

Dermish says she has not been able to harvest intact heads yet, but exclaims with laughter, “This will give me something to strive for!”

Dermish also describes another staff member who is interested in organ development and often picks through the aborted babies’ body parts. She says the staff member enjoys identifying aborted babies’ hearts and kidneys.

“It’s cute,” Dermish says of the aborted babies’ hearts. “It’s amazing. It’s sort of, I have so much respect for development. It’s just incredible.”

Where is her respect for preborn babies — innocent human lives who Planned Parenthood destroys every day?

Read more about the undercover investigation here.

Congress Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

The U.S. House of Representatives voted today to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal dangerous anti-life provisions of Obamacare.

PlannedParenthood1Thirteen Pennsylvania Congressmen were among those voting with the majority to strip $400 million from the abortion giant and remove Obamacare directives which can lead to rationing of essential health care.

Click here to see how your representative voted.

According to

“The legislation the House approved today would hopefully be able to overcome the Democrats’ filibuster and be approved on a majority vote in the Senate.  H.R. 3762 is a special once-a-year measure called the ‘reconciliation bill.’ Unlike almost every other kind of bill, the ‘reconciliation bill’ cannot be filibustered in the U.S. Senate — so it can pass with only 51 votes, rather than 60 (of 100 senators). Republicans currently hold a narrow majority in the U.S. Senate, 54-46.”

Watch the undercover videos that spurred the move here.

Millersville Student Stands Alone to Protest Planned Parenthood

Kaytee Moyer used to avoid the abortion issue.

KayteeMoyerBut after the Millersville University student watched the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood harvesting aborted babies’ body parts, she decided that she could not be silent anymore.

“After watching that first video that came out, I feel like the issue blew me wide open,” Moyer told Glenn Beck’s news website The Blaze. “I have never felt so deeply for something so quickly, as when I watched those videos released.”

Moyer organized a small protest on campus with some of her friends, but when the date arrived, her friends got cold feet, according to The Blaze.

Not deterred, Moyer went ahead with the protest anyway. She stood alone at the busiest intersection in Millersville and handed out flyers exposing Planned Parenthood’s horrible abortion practices. Moyer also pinned price tags to different areas of her body as a visual statement, according to the site.

The abortion chain faces several Congressional investigations into whether it makes a profit from selling aborted babies’ body parts and whether it changes the abortion procedure to better harvest the parts – both of which are illegal. The investigations were prompted by the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Moyer said most students were receptive to the information. She told The Blaze that most people shook their heads in disgust when they read her flyer.

“The only negative reactions came from people that didn’t read the flyer. They saw Planned Parenthood and scoffed or crumbled up the flyer,” she said. “But the impact that I saw the knowledge having on my fellow students far outweighed those two minuscule reactions.”

Since The Blaze ran Kaytee’s story, several Pennsylvania news outlets have picked it up, too – bringing even more exposure to the truth about abortion.

Kaytee’s brave, one-woman protest is an encouraging example of how one person can  make a big difference for life.

Watch the undercover videos here. Warning: Some graphic content.

Pa. Planned Parenthood Leader: We Should Be Allowed to Sell Aborted Babies’ Body Parts

Harvesting aborted babies’ body parts and selling them for a profit? A Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood official says it should be allowed, according to the latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress.

The video catches Vanessa Russo, compliance program administrator for Planned Parenthood Keystone in Central Pennsylvania, making some highly disturbing statements about how she would like her affiliate to be involved in selling aborted babies’ body parts.

“… a company like this that wants to, wants to give our organization money for the tissue, I think that’s a valid exchange,” Russo says; and later, “I would love to see this happen somehow.”

Russo dismisses the current laws prohibiting the sale of aborted babies’ body parts, calling discussions around the issue “crap.”

She tells another Planned Parenthood official that “… we can’t consent to be bullied by ridiculous laws …”

Another clip from the video shows Planned Parenthood national official Dr. Carolyn Westhoff sharing gristly details about carving out aborted babies’ body parts.

“We’ve just been working with people who want particular tissues, like, you know, they want cardiac, or they want eyes, or they want neural,” says Dr. Westhoff to a prospective fetal organ buyer. “Certainly, everything we provide–oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we provide is fresh.”

The video also shows several Planned Parenthood officials worrying about what would happen if their dealings in aborted babies’ body parts went public.

This new video is the first from the Center for Medical Progress to feature an abortion advocate from Pennsylvania. It brings up new questions here in the Keystone State. Is Russo demonstrating a mindset willing to stretch or violate the laws? Does Planned Parenthood Keystone believe it should be allowed to sell aborted babies’ body parts, or will the affiliate instead apologize for Russo’s highly disturbing comments?

Watch the video here. Warning: Some graphic content.

Pa. Planned Parenthoods Say They’re Not Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Body Parts, but They Still Profit off Aborting Babies

The Pennsylvania Department of Health responded this week to pro-lifers’ calls to investigate Planned Parenthood.

FIG1“… there is no evidence that any Planned Parenthood site in this commonwealth is involved in the buying or selling of fetal tissue,” wrote State Secretary of Health Karen Murphy in a letter publicized by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Instead, the Pennsylvania sites contract with medical waste vendors to dispose the aborted babies’ bodies, according to Murphy’s letter.

Pro-lifers asked Pennsylvania officials to investigate the abortion giant after a series of undercover videos call into question whether it illegally profits off the sale of aborted babies’ body parts. Other states and two federal Congressional committees also are doing investigations.

Planned Parenthood aborts more preborn babies than any other group in Pennsylvania and the U.S. That’s more than 17,000 babies a year in Pennsylvania and more than 330,000 preborn babies in the U.S., dead at the hands of Planned Parenthood.

Whether Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania affiliates are selling aborted babies’ body parts or not, it’s important to remember: They are making a profit killing babies in the womb. And that’s a tragedy we all should be working to end.

Ex-Staffer: Planned Parenthood Takes Aborted Babies’ Bodies without Moms’ Consent

Planned Parenthood’s reputation is on shaky ground after a whistleblower claimed that its facilities take aborted babies’ bodies without the mother’s consent.

In a sixth video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a former StemExpress employee shared shocking details about when she worked with Planned Parenthood to harvest aborted babies’ body parts. Watch it here.

Holly O’Donnell said part of her job with StemExpress was to go into Planned Parenthood facilities and ask women to consent to donate their aborted babies’ bodies.

In one case, a woman who was later in her pregnancy refused to donate, but O’Donnell said the abortion center took her baby’s body anyway.

“If there was a higher gestation, and the technicians needed it, there were times when they would just take what they wanted,” O’Donnell said. “And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know.”

How would women ever know? It seems so simple, so plausible that Planned Parenthood could be quietly filling orders for aborted babies’ body parts without the mother’s knowledge or consent. Planned Parenthood must be investigated to find out if this is true.

This new revelation isn’t that surprising. Planned Parenthood has long been betraying women by lying to them about their preborn babies, covering up sexual abuse, denying all abortion risks, and telling women they can’t handle motherhood yet.

And their business is killing preborn babies – 330,000 a year.

Women Offer Healing after Abortion in the Wake of Horrific Planned Parenthood Videos

This week, in the midst of newly released undercover videos of Planned Parenthood, a friend reminded me of how the news is affecting people who’ve experienced abortion.

SilentNoMore1These videos show the terrible reality of what happens in abortion centers: preborn babies are crushed and torn apart and their body parts are harvested. These videos are hard enough for me to watch. I can’t imagine how difficult they must be for women and men whose babies were aborted.

Karen Perez, who had an abortion just after she was married, told a Texas news channel that the past few weeks have been very difficult for her as she watched the Planned Parenthood scandal unfold.

“These videos are just opening up a lot of memories for a lot of women. For me, it’s memories that I never imagined I’d see,” Perez said.

Perez said she originally believed the lie that her preborn baby wasn’t a baby yet.

“It was just a blob of tissue. And I believed that, I believed that it was just a blob of tissue,” Perez said, “until five years later when we had a child — we had three more children — and I saw the ultrasound, and I saw the little hands and the little feet.”

Today, Perez helps other women like herself find healing from the pain and regret of their abortions. Watch the full story here.

Theresa Burke, Ph.D., founder of the post-abortion healing ministry Rachel’s Vineyard, recently wrote a column in response to the horrific undercover videos, calling for our society to help families grieve the loss of their preborn babies to abortion.

“I know the women and men I serve never bargained for the assaultive flashbacks and nightmares they suffer as fragments of trauma shear into their consciousness,” Burke wrote. “The images that constitute their waking and sleeping hours are like fortress prisons of guarded depression, anxiety, avoidance, numbing behaviors, and grief. This is what I have witnessed from a lifetime of listening to stories of abortion from all over the world, as women and men, grandparents and siblings grieve the members of their family who are not here anymore.”

If you know someone who is hurting after an abortion, tell them about Rachel’s Vineyard, a confidential, caring post-abortion healing program for women and men. Learn more at