Bill Recommended by Gosnell Grand Jury Passes PA House

The Pennsylvania House has taken another step forward to protect women and babies from the horrors that happened in Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion center.

House Bill 587, which passed the House on Tuesday, December 17, would increase the penalty for impersonating a doctor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Matt Baker, R-Bradford, Tioga, is based on a recommendation Gosnellmade by the grand jury that indicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell in connection with the murder of infants and the death of a female patient.

Gosnell is serving three consecutive life sentences in prison, following his murder conviction. Several of Gosnell’s staff members had no medical training at all. Two of his employees, Stephen Massof and Eileen O’Neill, both practiced as doctors at Gosnell’s center, but neither of them had a medical license.

The Pennsylvania Senate will now consider the bill.

Pro-Abortion NARAL Gives Pennsylvania “F” Grade

Every year, the pro-abortion group NARAL issues a report card for each of the states, giving “A” grades to the states that have little to no limitations to abortion-on-demand. States that have protective laws for unborn children and their mothers are given an “F.” Once again, Pennsylvania has earned an “F” grade.

At the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, we wear that “F” as a badge of honor. It means the laws we worked so hard to pass are having an effect. It also means local chapters of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and pregnancy resource centers across the state are having a huge impact on reducing the number of abortions and providing essential aid to mothers-in-need.

Check out the NARAL Report Card.

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