At Creation Festival, Young People Learn the Truth about Abortion

“Did you know that when you were this small, you could already suck your thumb?” I said, holding out one of our tiny 12-week fetal models.

P1060004I watched as their eyes grew wide in surprise, and their hands reached out to hold the little model themselves. They smiled and aww’d at the tiny little baby model in their hands.

Then I picked up our 20-week model and handed it to them. “Did you know that abortion is legal even past this stage in Pennsylvania?”

And I watched as the shock and disbelief came over their faces and the reality of what our society calls “a woman’s choice” set in.

I had hundreds of similar conversations a few weeks ago at our booth during the nation’s largest Christian music festival, Creation. Though I go every year, it always strikes me how critically important it is that we’re sharing the truth about abortion.

Where else do young people see that a preborn baby at eight weeks already looks like a tiny infant? Where else to they learn that abortion is legal through all nine months in some states? Where else do they hear that there is support for moms who choose life?

Public schools and colleges aren’t telling them. The mainstream media isn’t telling them. Our society isn’t telling them.

It’s up to us to educate the next generation about the precious value of every single human life.

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