Hope Rising From the Ashes of the Gosnell Tragedy

Hope CenterBy Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director

In southeast Pennsylvania–the same area of the Commonwealth where abortionist Kermit Gosnell engaged in his horrendous killing spree–stands a monument to hope.

In fact, hope is its name.

The Hope Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia launched a decade ago. It is seeing more clients than ever and is instilling optimism in a place that’s seen its share of darkness and despair.

Its enthusiastic director, Marlene Downing, offers the compassion and vision which have made the Hope Center a shining light in the City of Brotherly Love. Her effervescence is contagious, and brings with it the likelihood of continued growth for the pregnancy resource center.

According to the latest figures from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, abortions have declined in Philadelphia County–in no small part because of facilities such as the Hope Center, which provide loving options to women facing challenging pregnancies.

A single mother herself, Marlene provides an incredible role model to the women who walk through the center’s doors. She is a living example of resilience and determination.

You cannot walk away from the Hope Center without have a renewed sense of possibility about the city where Gosnell once plied his grisly trade.

Life By the Numbers

Ultrasound and womanBy Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director

Life is all about numbers. SAT scores. Batting averages. Football yardage.

But do you know some of the memorable numbers in the lives of preborn children?

3–the number of weeks when an unborn child’s eyes develop and the heart starts beating

6–the number of weeks an unborn baby’s skeleton is complete and brain waves develop

9–the number of weeks when an unborn baby begins to swallow

11–the number of weeks when an unborn baby begins to suck her thumb

16–the number of weeks when an unborn baby begins kicking

18–the number of weeks when an unborn baby can cry

20–the number of weeks when hair appears on an unborn baby’s head

1 million--the approximate number of unborn children killed by abortion each year.

60 million+–the number of unborn children killed since Roe v. Wade, the tragic U.S. Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion.

The milestones in the development of an unborn child are miraculous. The statistics about abortion are sobering. Share these figures with the young people in your life. They have a right to know.