Teaching Young People the Truth about Abortion

“How many abortions do you think have happened in the past 40 years? Just take a guess.”

I watched a pro-lifer pose this question to a young man recently. The well-educated 20-something hesitated and then shrugged.

“Just a rough estimate?” the pro-lifer prompted.

“OK,” he said. “Maybe about 100,000.”

The pro-lifer replied, “Actually, it’s more than 54 million.”

The young man looked shocked.

This simple experience made me wonder how many Americans don’t know the sheer number of abortions that occur every year. How many 20-somethings – the age group having the most abortions – have no concept of how prevalent these tragic deaths are in America.

We believe it is so important that we reach youth with the culture of life, and tell them the devastating effects of abortion.

The video here CE1Dz1ufbOo shows me, a 20-something, speaking to the people at our 2012 Celebrate Life Banquet about this critical effort. Please watch it and think about ways you can help us promote a culture of life in the younger generations.

Maybe by asking a question, as my fellow pro-lifer did above.

Maybe by encouraging a young person in your family to get involved in our essay and oratory contests.

Maybe by promoting alternatives to abortion, pregnancy resource centers, and crisis pregnancy hotlines at your church or community group.

Maybe by giving a donation to the Federation.

Maybe by praying.

You can help make a difference by partnering with us in this outreach to youth.

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