Pro-Life Victories at the Polls

Choose Life!

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director

In spite of an incredibly challenging election year, pro-life candidates managed to achieve some key victories at the polls November 6th.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives…buoyed by bipartisan support for the pro-life cause…retains its pro-life majority following the contentious election. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Senate also held onto its pro-life advantage despite some difficult election contests.

Pro-Life Candidates Rise to the Challenge of Redistricting

The new Congressional districts in Pennsylvania represented a great challenge for pro-life candidates. This was not unexpected, since the PA Supreme Court—which is dominated by pro-abortion Democrats—threw out the old Congressional map and replaced it with one placing pro-life candidates at a disadvantage. Still, pro-life candidates managed to secure nine of the 18 seats in PA’s Congressional delegation.

It is important for us to begin lobbying the new Congressional representatives so that they know that the pro-life issue matters to many of their constituents. We must be no less energetic than before in lobbying for legislation that protects pregnant women and their babies from the harm of abortion.

The Presidential Firewall

Fortunately, our pro-life President, Donald Trump, continues to fight for the right to life. As a result, even if the U.S. House of Representatives tries to pass pro-abortion legislation, it will not advance past the President’s desk. This in essence creates an Executive Branch firewall against dangerous pro-abortion bills. The fact that Republicans retain control of the U.S. Senate is also good news for the President’s strict constructionist judicial nominees.