The Truth at the Heart of the Pro-Life Movement


By Katy Schriner, intern, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The first question that came to mind was “What is the Pro-Life Movement?” According to National Right to Life, their mission is to “work through legislation and education to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.” This organization is the oldest and largest and has been considered the “flagship of the pro-life movement”. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, an affiliate of National Right to Life, has a mission statement that is similar to that of the NRLC. Their goal is “to seek legal protection and societal respect for the right of every child to live, and promote viable alternatives to abortion, such as adoption and assisted parenting.” Pennsylvania Pro-Life works at the state level to ensure that that goal is realized in the Keystone State.

As I am starting my journey at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, I am beginning to learn more about not just the movement and what it’s all about, but also the resources that someone can access to find information and ways to get involved in the movement. For starters, the NRLC has over 3,000 local chapters and right-to-life affiliates in the United States. For those who don’t know what a “chapter” is, it is a local group that plays a major role in the pro-life movement. There are nearly 40 chapters in Pennsylvania. The functions of these chapters include the following:

  • Provide educational material and resources
  • Send qualified speakers
  • Maintain local media contacts
  • Provide school and public libraries with pro-life books and pamphlets
  • Keep abreast of state and national pro-life developments in order to educate
  • Follow current political activity and legislation on both the state and federal level
  • Encourage the support of pregnancy service groups
  • Conduct membership drives and various fundraising events

As you can see, the truth behind the pro-life movement is that it is vast, welcoming, and loving. And remember, there’s always a reason to choose life!

PA Pro-Life Federation Chapters present at the 2012 NRL Convention

By Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director

Gary Cangemi, of Scranton, leads a workshop about his cartoon, “Umbert the Unborn.”

Erie People for Life chapter President Tim Broderick and Scranton Pennsylvanians for Human Life chapter Chairman Gary Cangemi were among dozens of workshop presenters from across America at the 2012 National Right to Life Convention in Arlington, VA, June 28 to 30.

Broderick’s workshop was titled, “Chapter Activities: The Importance of Seeing and Understanding ‘The Big Picture.’” He used many photos of various activities performed by volunteers at his chapter to illustrate the difference that a local chapter can make for life. For more info on the chapter, visit .

Cangemi has become an annual presenter for NRL. His workshop featured the cartoon character he created, “Umbert the Unborn,” to demonstrate the humanity of the unborn child in lighthearted, yet poignant ways. His workshop included many of his cartoon strips, a game of “Unborn Babies In Jeopardy,” the sketching of a new original cartoon strip with audience input and singing distinctly pro-life songs set to familiar tunes in the public domain. For more info on Umbert, visit .