“God’s Not Dead” Movie: Every Life Is Meaningful through God

A movie with the provocative title, “God’s Not Dead” opened in theatres over the weekend. Although I tend not to be an opening weekend kind of girl, I had been eagerly awaiting this film, ever since I saw the eye-opening trailer.

God'sNotDeadThe intriguing plot centers on a college student who finds his Christian faith challenged on the first day of his philosophy class by a professor with a Mt. Sinai-sized chip on his shoulder. A number of interweaving subplots demonstrate the drama of faith—both the callous rejection of it and the courageous embrace of it.

While the story is fictitious, it is based on a number of fundamental truths about human nature, creation, and relationships. As the final credits indicate, the film was also inspired by real-life court cases, some of which involve college pro-life groups and the challenges they can face on campus.

And that got me to thinking. While pro-abortion groups sometimes use members of the clergy to sell their message about “reproductive rights,” there is something fundamentally atheistic about the whole business of legalized abortion.

For it denies the supremacy of the Creator in determining when life begins and when it ends. It cuts the Almighty out of the equation.

In one poignant scene of “God’s Not Dead,” a pastor helps a young woman to understand that she is not a mistake, because God doesn’t make mistakes. Yet, more than three thousand times a day, the abortion industry tells American women that their babies are mistakes, and therefore should be eliminated. Pro-abortion apologists attempt to shore up the argument by claiming that these undesirable children would have ended up committing crimes and otherwise wreaking havoc on society, as if they were programmed to cause trouble from the moment they appeared in the womb. On one hand, abortion advocates argue that life does not begin at conception, while on the other hand they claim they can know from the start that this baby should not be given a chance at life.

The film deftly points out that a public denial of the existence of God can mask a deep hurt stemming from a profound tragedy which occurs during the course of one’s life. The age-old question appears: How can an all-loving God permit evil? One might wonder, too, what emotional scars prompt a woman to seek abortion—or a doctor to turn to abortion to make a living. Read the book The Hand of God by the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, NARAL’s founder, and you can catch a glimpse of the world of pain that can exist within an abortionist’s soul.

Nathanson went from being an atheistic abortion rights pioneer to a Christian pro-life advocate. His conversion to the pro-life stand preceded his religious conversion—he first began to see the humanity of an unborn child in an ultrasound before he was able to touch the face of God.

One can come to the conclusion that abortion is unjust purely through the force of reason. Indeed, there are atheists and agnostics who do recognize abortion to be the taking of an innocent human life.

But there is also a profound religious argument to be made in defense of the pro-life stand: Abortion is the ultimate rejection of God and His merciful love.

Discovering Pro-Life Truths in the New “Son of God” Movie

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director

A couple of things struck me as I watched “Son of God,” the movie of Jesus’ life produced by “Touched by an Angel’s” Roma Downey and mega-hit TV producer Mark Burnett of “Survivor” fame.

SonofGodMovieThe first thing that made me pause was when Pontius Pilate asked, “What is truth?” My mind turned to those who are non-committal when it comes to the point at which human life begins.

At one point in my life, I was in that category. I could understand a being of three months’ gestation being called a baby, but before that, I wasn’t so sure. It took a radio news editor to get me back on track, saying that life began at conception. It seemed an inconvenient truth to me but, in the end, logic demanded that I accept it. The beginning doesn’t start with the heart beat or the brain wave—it begins with the union of sperm and egg. Any other proposed starting point would be entirely arbitrary and, well, untrue.

Another particularly poignant point in the film was when Jesus asked the Father to forgive those who put him to death because they know not what they do. I have known so many, many people who did not understand the cruelty of abortion, who did not know relevant facts about fetal development, who really did not fully comprehend what they were doing when they were advocating for abortion or procuring one.

That is why pro-life education is so vitally important—for opening the eyes of women and men alike to the horror of abortion. Whether the education comes in the form of a fetal model, a 4D ultrasound image, or a full description of a dismemberment abortion, it is critical for persuading the public that abortion is, in truth, the taking of an innocent human life. So too, post-abortive women need to be encouraged and supported when giving their gut-wrenching testimonies about the devastating impact abortion has had on their lives. It can be frustrating to think that, after more than four decades of legalized abortion, we still need to share some basic truths, but that is, in fact, the case.

We also need to empower those who believe that abortion is bad for women, but who are not quite brave enough or motivated enough to work for its end. If we are not speaking out about the world of hurt that abortion causes…if we are not educating our children about it, writing letters to the editor, contacting public officials…we are passive bystanders to the greatest human rights violation of our day.

For, in truth, each child who has been conceived is a son or daughter of God, of infinite value and undeniable dignity, who should be protected both in the womb and beyond.

Stars Shine Light on Pregnancy Centers in Movie ‘Gimme Shelter’

I was excited when I heard about the big-name actors who are starring in a new pro-life movie.

“Gimme Shelter” features Vanessa Hudgens (remember “High School Musical”?), James Earl Jones, Rosario Dawson, and Brendan Fraser. GimmeShelterTogether, they present a clear message of hope for pregnant women who are facing troubled times. Watch the trailer here.

The film follows a teenager named Apple who runs away from her abusive mother. Soon after Apple finds her long-absent father, she discovers that she is pregnant. Her father and his well-to-do wife insist that the best thing for Apple is to get an abortion. But while Apple is in the abortion center, she decides that she wants to keep her baby. So, she runs away. After a tragic event, Apple finds hope and friendship at a shelter for pregnant women and moms.

“Gimme Shelter” presents a realistic picture of how harsh life can be for a girl so young. Apple moved from foster home to foster home, faced abuse and neglect, loneliness, and homelessness.

The film shows just how vitally important pregnancy centers are to women like Apple. They support and empower women when no one else will. They walk with the women even when – especially when – it’s difficult, and they don’t give up.

Put “Gimme Shelter” on your to-watch list. The film is rated PG-13 for some thematic elements. It is currently in theaters. To find where it’s showing in your area, visit the “Gimme Shelter” website.

Add a Pro-Life Movie to Your Summer Watch List

What is summer without movies? This season, while your family is vacationing, why not have a movie night and watch a pro-life film?

Check out some of our favorite pics:140309

October Baby – (Rated PG-13 for thematic material) I love this heartwarming film about a teen’s quest to find her birth mother. Hannah travels on an emotional journey to discover her past in this touching new film.

Bella – (Rated PG-13 for thematic material and brief disturbing images) It’s on my to-watch list, but some of my co-workers really loved the film. Bella is a true love story about how one day in New York City changed three people forever. This movie looks at adoption in a whole new light. Winner of the 2006 Toronto Film Festival’s People Choice Award.bella_-_dvd

Horton Hears a Who  – (Rated G) I love the old cartoon version, but the feature-length movie has the same message: “A person’s a person no matter how small.” Horton’s heroic efforts are a great example to young and old alike about the value of every human life.

Amazing Grace – (Rated PG) This film is based on the true story of William Wilberforce, who worked tirelessly to outlaw the slave trade in England and restore human rights protections to blacks.

It’s a Wonderful Life  – (Rated PG) Christmas in July, anyone? This classic is often considered a Christmas movie, but it holds a timeless message about the value and impact of every single human life.

Check out more movies with pro-life themes on this list by Students for Life.