Images of Preborn Babies Open People’s Eyes to Truth about Life

I love seeing people’s faces light up when a preborn baby’s life becomes real to them.

Image of a baby at seven weeks

Image of a baby at seven weeks

It’s hard for us to relate to people we don’t know, people we’ve never seen or talked to. And most of us don’t see a baby until after he or she is born. It can be easy for us to forget about the ongoing tragedy of abortion, because we almost never know the victim.

That’s why we at the Federation emphasize education about human development. We show ultrasound videos and share little fetal models with people. They remind people that this isn’t just a “product of conception” or a “blob of tissue.” It’s a teeny, tiny beautiful human being – somebody’s baby boy or baby girl.

Click here to read more about a baby’s amazing development in the womb. Or watch a video here.

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