How Simple It Should Be

Politicians debate it for hours and hours. News outlets dedicate large segments of time/space to the controversy. Around the dinner table, many families avoid talking about it.

Yet, when you ask a child about a baby’s life, they make it clear how simple the abortion issue really is.girl

Our Philly Pro-Life chapter published an article in its summer newsletter with children’s thoughts about babies. We’ve republished it here with the chapter’s permission:

I asked a group a kids ages 3 to 12 to tell me something about babies and their feelings for them. This is what they said:

Trinity, Age 10 – I care for babies. I care for my baby brother Dominic. I can never leave him out of my sight. I would never want him to get hurt. I will always protect him. He can’t do anything for himself yet. That is why he needs me. If he got hurt or sick I would be very upset. I love him so much. You should treat a baby the same way you want to be treated.

Kayla,  Age 3 – I like babies to drink bottles and play with toys. I like mommies to give presents and daddies to play with babies. I would like to hold a baby and I would sing the A B C’s to make the baby feel good.

Cloey,  Age 5 – I love my baby brother. We take care of each other. Jesus wants us to be happy together. I love him so much because he is my baby brother.

DJ,  Age 12 – I think it is wrong to abort a baby because a baby is human life. Babies are cute and they need someone to take care of them. If we didn’t have babies we wouldn’t have a future.

Natalie,  Age 6 – I like babies! I like to feed them and play with them. Babies are nice and they don’t hurt people. Sometimes they bite though.

Jada,  Age 7 – I feel sad when mommies go to the doctor and kill their baby. They are only tiny and they cry in the mommies belly and move in the mommies belly. It is not fair!

This is all from the mouth of babes!!!! This is how simple it should be.

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