40 Days for Life Campaign Starts on Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, marks the beginning of Lent for Christians. This forty-day period leading up to Easter is set aside for reflection, prayer, and fasting.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the powerful 40 Days for Life campaign 40 days for lifebegins on the same day. The pro-life campaign focuses on prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils, and community outreach to draw attention to the evil of abortion.

These 40-day campaigns have proved to be a powerful witness to the value of life. One community’s vigils¬†inspired Abby Johnson to quit her job at Planned Parenthood. Since then she has become a pro-life household name as she defends the lives of preborn babies, supports their mothers, and offers help to abortion workers who want to quit their jobs.

Because of the campaign, there have been thousands of reports from mothers who chose life for their babies.

To participate in Pennsylvania, click here for a list of participating communities.

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