IRS Targets Adoptive Families, Pro-life Groups

Every time I read about the IRS scandal, I find something new to shake my head at in disgust.

My most recent head-shaking started after reading about adoptivePicture1 families being targeted by the IRS for audits.

According to a National Review article, the IRS audited 69 percent of families claiming adoption tax credits in 2012.

Having a sister and a cousin who are adopted, I know the amount of paperwork and preparation, expense and time, waiting and emotion that goes into the adoption process. To saddle an audit on these newly adoptive families who are trying to love and care for a new child is just infuriating to me.

Along with the Tea Party and other conservative groups, the IRS also targeted a number of pro-life groups. They demanded to know how pro-life prayer meetings were educational and required the pro-lifers to promise not to protest Planned Parenthood. Read more about them here.

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