Pro-Life Not Just Pro-Birth


“You’re not pro-life, you’re just pro-birth.”

If I have heard this argument once by big abortion and its apologists, I’ve heard it a thousand times, as has anyone who has been advocating for pro-life issues for any length of time.  It is meant to imply that those of us who are pro-life don’t really care about the baby and mother after birth.

To disprove this fallacy, one has to look no further than the horrific case of Alfie Evans. For those unfamiliar, Alfie is a two-year old boy in Great Britain who has been hospitalized since December, 2016 with seizures of an undiagnosed disorder.  The hospital has withdrawn his life support, but Alfie continues to survive and fight. Now if the pro-life community didn’t care about life after birth, we would be unsympathetic to the plight of Alfie and his parents, yet it is in fact pro-lifers who have rallied to their side and continue to fight for Alfie to be transferred to a hospital willing to provide him the treatment he needs.  Pro-abortion activists, on the other hand remain eerily silent.

For further evidence of how much pro-lifers care about an individual’s entire life, one can simply point to all the work pro-life pregnancy centers do to help mothers of newborns as well as the babies with everything from formula to clothing, car seats to high chairs. Many pro-life pregnancy centers even provide vocational training and other education for both new mothers and fathers.

The reality is, it is pro-life advocates who truly care about the individual’s entire life from conception to natural death, and that is why we continue to remind people that there is always a reason to choose life!

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