National Siblings Day


Today is National Sibling Day, which got me thinking about my two great brothers and an amazing sister, but it also made me think of my older brother Johnathon who was not fully formed at birth and didn’t survive.  I wonder how life would’ve been different for me if he was healthy, and I had an older brother on this earth instead of looking down on me from Heaven.

I also can’t help but think of other people’s siblings—those lost to abortion since 1973, or worse yet, those never conceived because of the number of couples who end their relationship after an abortion.   These missing siblings are not even included in the 59 million babies killed by abortion…their numbers will never be known.

So on this day, I would encourage you to think of the siblings lost to abortion, and those never conceived since Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided.  Consider what you can do to make sure no more siblings are lost.  And celebrate all those siblings who have been spared since 1973 because their mother’s chose life!

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