Encouraging Words from Pro-Life Students in Pennsylvania

The results of our annual student contests never fail to impress me.

Every spring, hundreds of students from across the Commonwealth send us pro-life essays for our annual pro-life essay contest.

babies on a light backgroundOur judges are almost ready to announce the 2015 winners, so check back soon. But in the meantime, I want to share a small sample of the passionate, poignant, encouraging, and creative words that I read in students’ essays this spring. I hope that their words will encourage you, as they did me.

“Every baby, human, or soul created has a purpose. God does not make junk.” — Abigail

“There are many reasons why I’m glad my mother chose life for me over abortion … friends, family, food, and other things I love. … I also would never have experienced leg room because the womb would have been a bit cramped.” – Isaiah

“This silent horror is called abortion, and it is a national disgrace.” — Martyna

“Abortion is a terrible thing. You could actually equate it to walking up to a child on the street and killing them. Who would do such a thing? Not many, if more people thought of it this way.” — Eli

“To be pro-life is not just a stance on abortion but a way of life.” – Kelsey

“Every one of those embryos created in a lab is a miracle. They can eventually be breathing, walking around, laughing, crying, and brightening the life of the people around them.” – Vanessa

“Every life is worth the pain of saving; if we realize this, then the pain we feel isn’t pain at all – it is something else entirely: love.” — Andrew

Keep watching for a list of the 2015 Pro-Life Essay Contest winners!

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