Amazing Video of Conception to Birth Is Worth Watching Again

No matter how many times I watch Alexander Tsiaras’s short film, “Conception to birth – visualized,” I walk away feeling amazed.

Tsiaras, a professor at Yale University, helped to create the stunning video that shows a baby’s development in the womb from conception to birth.



In an amazing display of images, we watch as the baby’s cells split and spread out. Then his or her heart begins to beat. Then arms and hands form. Then a tiny nose and eyes appear. Within 44 just days, the baby is recognizably human. By 9 weeks, he or she is basically fully formed.

Every step of development is so beautiful. Yet, what’s most amazing of all is realizing that from that very moment of conception we are already living, growing human beings – completely unique and valuable.

Please take the time to watch the whole video here. It’s only about nine minutes. Then share it with people you know. These visual images, backed up by science, make it hard to deny that babies in the womb deserve the right to life.

(Family audiences, please not that there are some brief anatomically graphic images – not violent, but graphic.)

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