A Famous Granddaughter’s Struggles with Teen Pregnancy, Abortion and Adoption

Our Celebrate Life Banquet is less than a month away, and we couldn’t be more excited about our special guest speakers. Ruth Graham and Windsor Bauders, the daughter and granddaughter of evangelist Billy Graham, have a powerful story of hope and perseverance to share.

Our Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo had the opportunity to hear their story a few years ago, and he was profoundly touched by it. He writes:

“I literally experienced a sense of enlightenment when I recently listened as (Windsor) walked me … through her unexpected pregnancy.

“First, did Billy Graham’s 16-year-old granddaughter really become pregnant? So this even happens in such iconic families.

“Second, the survival of this child wasn’t the slam-dunk I was expecting. You mean even exemplary Christians admired by the world seriously consider aborting their offspring?

“Third, is it really that hard to place a baby that you are in no way prepared to take care of into the arms of an adoptive couple who will love, cherish and provide for every need that your child could ever experience in a lifetime? My heart broke, and I could not contain my tears for Windsor as she described her thoughts, fears and emotions through it all.

“Fourth, can it be true that this was just the first in a series of life encounters Windsor lived through? In the end she finds herself in a place where she has the humility and the courage to expose the good, the bad and the ugly to people she doesn’t even know. Why? Because if her story saves even one life – it will be worth it all!”

Please join us to hear Ruth and Windsor’s testimony about the value of every human life. It will be an evening of inspiration that you won’t want to miss.

The banquet is Tuesday, October 20 in Pittsburgh. To register or for more details, click here. We hope to see you there!


Come Listen, Learn and Connect at Pro-Life Town Hall Meetings


This April will be my third time traveling across the state for our annual Pro-Life Town Hall Tour.


Micaiah Bilger

The tour is one of the ways we bring the latest pro-life information to people all across the state. We’re planning to share up-to-date news on a variety of topics, including abortion trends in Pennsylvania, dealing with a poor prenatal diagnosis, the push for assisted suicide, the Affordable Care Act, Q&A and more.

I love the tour because we offer a pro-life perspective that people can’t get anywhere else. But most of all, I love having the opportunity to connect with people all across the state.

I love when a grandmother comes to me after a meeting and shares a picture of her grandson who was almost aborted. I love when a teenager eagerly asks me what she can do to help moms and babies. I love listening to the decades-long pro-lifers, because their stories encourage me to keep going strong. And I love talking with the people who aren’t sure where they stand on the life issues and are looking for answers.

Our Pro-Life Town Hall meetings are an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and connect with the people around us.

I hope you’ll join us in Ebensburg, Uniontown, Pittsburgh, Titusville, Erie, State College, Scranton, Nesquehoning, Easton, Philadelphia, Lancaster or Grove City. Click here for details.

And please take a moment to say, “Hello.” I’d love to connect with you.

Planned Parenthood to Push Agenda on Pittsburgh Students

America’s largest abortion provider is bringing its anti-life agenda to Pittsburgh schools.

On Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Public Schools board approved a memo of understanding Classroomwith Planned Parenthood to teach sex education to middle school students, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Several board members raised concerns about Planned Parenthood including its abortion practices and its history with eugenics, but the board approved the memo.

Though school administrators said abortion won’t be part of the curriculum taught in Pittsburgh schools, abortion is at the heart of Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

“Planned Parenthood’s bottom line is numbers. And, with abortion as its primary money-maker, that means implementing a quota,” said Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-lifer.

Carol Everett, an abortion center manager who became pro-life, explains that abortion centers teach sex-ed in schools because it helps them create a bigger market for abortion:

“We had a whole plan that sold abortions and it was called sex education. Break down their natural modesty. Separate them from their parents and their values and become the sex expert in their lives so they’d turn to us. When we would give them a low dose birth control pill they would get pregnant on it, or a defective condom. Our goal was 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18.”

And when Planned Parenthood performs abortions on 94 percent of its pregnant customers, it’s pretty easy to see where its priorities are.

Pro-Lifers in Court Wednesday to Challenge Pittsburgh Buffer Zone

A small group of pro-lifers from Pittsburgh challenged the city’s buffer zone Wednesday in front of a federal judge.

Women Have a Right to Know!The city has a 15-foot buffer zone around abortion centers that prevents pro-lifers from peacefully counseling women about alternatives to abortion. Sidewalk counselors often serve as the last line of hope for preborn babies and their mothers before an abortion appointment.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Nikki Bruni of Verona testified that while she “occasionally” is able to get her message across to women entering the Planned Parenthood location on Liberty Avenue, Downtown, the yellow, spray-painted buffer zone restricts her and others from having in-depth conversations with women about alternatives to abortion.

Bruni, campaign director of 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh, a twice-a-year, anti-abortion event, said Planned Parenthood security guards prevent demonstrators from entering the zone, even if it is to walk across to get to the other side.

… U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon heard more than three hours of testimony and arguments before giving both sides until Dec. 19 to reach a compromise. If they can’t, the attorneys will have 30 days to file legal arguments before she rules.

Women deserve to know all the facts about abortion and its alternatives. Buffer zones are damaging, not only because they restrict pro-lifers’ freedom of speech, but also because they restrict women’s rights to hear about alternatives to abortion.

Notorious Abortionist May Be Back in Pennsylvania

A new Pennsylvania abortion facility is under investigation because of possible ties to a notorious abortionist.

Steven Brigham has a dubious reputation for harming women and skirting the law. His license to practice medicine has been yanked in Pennsylvania and numerous other states. He is barred from doing abortions in Pennsylvania.images

However, news reports indicate that Brigham may be trying to slip back in through a new abortion facility in Philadelphia called the Integrity Family Health. The facility applied for and was granted a state permit earlier this fall.

According to reports, the toll free number for Brigham’s multi-state abortion business will set up appointments for patients at the new Pennsylvania center.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is grateful that the Corbett Administration is looking into this matter in the interest of protecting women’s health and safety.

Brigham has a long and sordid history of performing illegal, late-term abortions on viable babies, botching abortions and injuring women, using unsterile equipment, and working in filthy conditions.

Published reports say Brigham once ran an abortion ring with 15 facilities in four states, including four in Pennsylvania. His Pennsylvania facilities, in Erie, Allentown, State College, and Pittsburgh, have since closed.

Lila Rose: Exposing Truth about Abortion to Young People

We are busy getting ready for our annual Celebrate Life Banquet in Pittsburgh next week.

Our featured speaker is going to be Lila Rose, the young president and founder of Live Action. She has become the face of the young pro-life movement. Still in her mid-20s, Lila and her organization Live Action have accomplished so much. Through LiveActionvideoundercover videos, they have exposed many abuses and lies in the abortion industry.

Every pro-lifer should check out Live Action’s undercover investigations. The videos are short, but telling. Watch them here:

Inhuman: Live Action goes undercover in America’s late-term abortion industry

Protect Our Girls: This investigation exposes sex-selection abortion practices at Planned Parenthood

The Mona Lisa Project and Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Cover-Up of Child Sex Trafficking: These video investigations show Planned Parenthood failing to properly handle and report child sex abuse

The Rosa Acuna Project: Live Action documents the lies Planned Parenthood tells its patients, ignoring scientific and medical facts about abortion

Educate yourself about the abortion industry, and then come hear more from a young women who is on the front lines exposing these horrible practices.

Sign up now for the banquet on Tuesday, October 29 at the Four Points by Sheraton Pittsburgh North, in Mars. You won’t want to miss this special opportunity to hear Lila Rose. Plus you’ll learn about the progress we are making right here in Pennsylvania to protect preborn babies and their mothers from abortion.

Click here for more details or to register. You also can call us at 717-541-0034.

Hope to see you there!