White House refuses to respond to Gosnell horrors in Philly

Until last week, most national media outlets were not covering the on-going murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

Then awareness campaigns on Twitter, press conferences, and a coluultrasoundmn published in USA Today finally attracted national coverage of the abortionist’s grotesque practices.

It even reached the ears of President Obama. Unsurprisingly, his administration ignored questions about taking action to protect women and babies from abortionists like Gosnell.

According to The Hill:

“White House spokesman Jay Carney on Monday called the trial of a Pennsylvania abortion doctor accused of performing partial-birth abortions and killing one woman ‘unsettling,’ but ducked follow-up questions over the administration’s views on the matter.

“Pressed on whether the president believed that the Gosnell case should lead to legislative changes on abortion policy, Carney repeatedly sidestepped questions, saying only that ‘the president’s position on choice is clear’ and echoing former President Clinton’s statement that abortions should be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’

“Carney was asked if the trial should provoke Congress to consider legislation such as the Born Alive Act. Obama opposed a state version of the bill as an Illinois state senator.

“’You’re asking for hypotheticals about legislation or proposed legislation that I haven’t seen,’ Carney responded.”

The facts, Mr. Carney, are that abortions aren’t “rare” – 1.2 million babies are killed in abortions every year in the U.S. They aren’t “safe” – just look at Gosnell’s practices and the new unfolding story of similar things happening at a Planned Parenthood in Delaware.

Babies are being killed inside and outside of the womb. Women are being injured and killed from abortions. The Gosnell horrors should serve as a wake-up call to our nation that we need to restore legal protections for women and babies, born and preborn.

Central Pa. Employer Files Lawsuit against HHS Mandate

Out of Central Pennsylvania this week came a new challenge to the provisions in President Obama’s HHS Mandate.

Conestoga Wood Specialties, a Mennonite-owned company based in Lancaster County, filed a federal suit against the mandate, which forces employers to cover abortion-causing contraception for their employees.

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer article:

“Conestoga Wood Specialties, citing the principles of religious freedom on which William Penn founded Pennsylvania, says in its suit, filed in U.S. District Court, that to accord to its Mennonite beliefs, it would be ‘sinful and immoral for the company to participate in, pay for, facilitate or otherwise support any contraception’ that would have the effect of an abortion.”

The Conestoga lawsuit is one of more than 40 challenges that have been filed against the federal law. In the past few months, several employers have won temporary victories against the mandate.

Let’s hope and pray that the courts will continue to reject this forced violation of conscience.

Sailing Around Pro-Life Laws: The Abortion Boat and the Feds

Abortion proponents are skirting past laws meant to protect women and preborn children.

The latest group to literally sail around abortion laws is the Women on Waves abortion boat. The Dutch-based pro-abortion group sails a boat to countries that do not allow abortions, and performs chemical abortions off of the coast of pro-life nations. The group’s latest target is Morocco.

The Women on Waves boat gives abortions using RU-486, a dangerous and often ineffective drug that suffocates the preborn baby and causes dangerous side effects.

Earlier this year, our own federal government also skipped over state laws limiting funds to abortion providers. In a special October series, Americans United for Life exposes the Obama Administration’s staunch support for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. After six states decided to end taxpayer funding for the abortion provider, the Obama Administration overrode their laws and provided federal grants to make up for the abortion giant’s lost funding.

We entrust our elected officials with the responsibility of enacting laws that protect our rights – the first being our right to life. When groups skirt past these laws, they show their disregard for our government’s laws, our voters, the women who these laws are designed to protect, and most of all our very right to life – from conception to natural death.

Pro-life group that helps human trafficking victims doesn’t get government money

A recent government funding issue involving human trafficking and abortion shows just where our politicians’ priorities are.

In an opinion piece written for the New York Daily News on Sunday, Steve Wagner discusses the “highly effective work” of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office of Migration and Refugee Services to help victims of human trafficking.

Wagner, a former director of the human trafficking program at the Department of Health and Human Services, writes the “well-regarded” organization has helped human-trafficking victims from about 64 countries.

Despite its strong record as a leader in the effort, the office’s funding recently was blocked by the Obama administration. Read the article here.

The reason? The organization does not offer abortion-related services. Wagner writes:

“In May 2011, the federal Department of Health and Human Services decided its human trafficking grant-making process would prioritize those who would provide ‘family planning services and the full range of legally permissible gynecological and obstetric care.’”

The Obama administration would rather stubbornly cling to their pro-abortion politics than give money to an effective organization that is caring for victims of abuse around the world.

This issue shows just how little value some government officials put on human life – unborn or enslaved.