Letter to Pitt’s Board of Trustees

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation sent the following letter along with thousands of petition signatures on October 15, 2021.

Dear Trustees,

Enclosed please find the names of thousands of people who have signed our petition calling on the University of Pittsburgh to cease its research using the body parts of aborted babies.

These gruesome experiments, which include grafting human scalps onto laboratory mice, are unethical and a violation of time-tested principles of responsible research.

We are especially troubled by published reports alleging that human organs were harvested from babies whose hearts were still beating. These reports, based on documentation collected by the Center for Medical Progress and Judicial Watch, raise significant questions about whether the research at issue is in violation of state and federal statutes.

We have learned that you have hired an outside legal firm to investigate this research. But we are mystified by reports that the results of that investigation may not be released to the public. In the interest of complete transparency, we further call on you to make public the findings of this investigation.

As taxpayers whose hard-earned tax dollars help to support the University of Pittsburgh, we call upon you to stop conducting dehumanizing research using aborted baby body parts.


Susan Rogacs                                                                        Michael Ciccocioppo

President, Board of Directors                                             Executive Director