My Unexpected Pregnancy is Now….

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director

Fear is often the dominant emotion when a young woman realizes she is unexpectedly pregnant. Fear of how her life will change.  Fear of what people will say. Fear that she isn’t strong enough, rich enough, or mature enough.  Fear she won’t have the support she will need. 

The fear can be blinding, making her unable to see beyond the present moment, beyond the potential obstacles, and into a possible future. 

I know that fear. I felt it when I was 18.

This fear can drive a young woman to seek an option that seems to offer immediate relief: abortion. No one will have to know and I can get on with my life.

But abortion doesn’t erase the pregnancy, as though it never happened. Abortion takes a child’s life. Many post-abortive women (and men) years later experience guilt and shame that manifests as depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship issues.

What if we could help young mothers and fathers see beyond those moments of fear and into a future they could live with? 

What if we help them envision the potential that lies ahead, not just for their child and for themselves, but for the generations to come?

That is the inspiration behind our new social media campaign “My Unexpected Pregnancy is Now….” We are asking women, men, and couples to share a picture with the child for whom they chose life and to tell us something about that child.

What a powerful witness for LIFE!  Seeing that so many others did not let fear drive their decision! Seeing that a precious and unrepeatable person is here today to live and to love and perhaps have children of their own. Giving encouragement to those who have doubts.

Could your story be a sign of hope to someone in crisis?  

If so, please post a picture with signs telling about your journey on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use #myunexpectedpregnancy and #paprolifefederation.

If ever there was a time to be a witness for LIFE, it is now. 

Let’s show all the world that there’s always a reason to choose LIFE!

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