A Turning Point in the Pro-Life Movement


     I recently have been doing some reading on the battle of Gettysburg, right here in Pennsylvania, and its significance in the Civil War.  Gettysburg was the farthest North the Confederate Army advanced, and when the Confederates were turned back there, it was a turning point in the war.

I believe that we may be experiencing the same thing right now in the effort to treat all humans with dignity.  An argument can be made that Donald Trump becoming President was the beginning of a turning point in the battle over abortion.  Consider the tremendous pro-life achievements of President Trump in the last two years, and compare them to where we would be right now if Hillary Clinton had become President.  With the election of Donald Trump, we have seen a recognition of the pre-born baby as a human being, the deliberate redirection of funds away from facilities providing abortions, and we are seeing a fundamental shift in the Supreme Court toward a strict interpretation of the Constitution.  Had the radically pro-abortion Hillary Clinton won, we would be working hard to make sure abortions aren’t forced on people.  We would have to be defending pro-life organization’s ability to speak up for their beliefs without being defunded. Finally, our President who would be appointing radical pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court, rather than justices who may one day rule that there never was a right to abortion in the Constitution.

None of that is to say that our work is done, but it is to serve as a reminder that our work is just beginning.  Here are five ways you can get involved today and bring an end to the horrors of abortion.

  1. Visit our website at paprolife.org and click on the “join one” link under the “chapters” tab. Find a chapter in your area and get involved…or if there is not one in your area, consider starting one.
  2. Identify the local fairs, festivals, and carnivals in your area and set up a pro-life information table. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation would be happy to send you all the pro-life material you may need. Give us a call at 717-541-0034 or email lifelines@paprolife.org.
  3. Call your State Senator and ask him or her to vote for House Bill 2050, the Down Syndrome Protection Act.
  4. Write a letter to the editor supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court,
  5. Call your local pro-life pregnancy center and see how you can support it. A list of all these centers in Pennsylvania can be found at paprolife.org/pregnancy-centers-in-pa/.

Whatever you do, make sure to join the fight to end abortion and remind people they can always choose life!

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