Safe, Legal, and Rare?


By Matthew Wagner, Education Director

Once upon a time, abortion activists claimed they wanted abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.”  They tried to say that no one was really “pro-abortion,” but that they thought it should be available in certain circumstances.  It’s interesting to consider how that position has changed over the years.

Do abortion activists believe abortion should be safe? We know abortions are never “safe” for the babies being killed, but recent history tells us abortion activists don’t really care about whether abortions are “safe” for the mother either.  Planned Parenthood and the rest of Big Abortion have worked tirelessly to oppose common sense regulations that would require abortion centers to meet basic health and safety standards.  They keep pushing for fewer and fewer regulations on the abortion pill, despite growing evidence it is not safe for the mothers. They ignore statistics about women injured in abortion, physically, mentally and emotionally. Even the most recent investigation into Planned Parenthood by Live Action reveals Planned Parenthood officials do not appear to care how safe the abortion is for the victims of sexual abuse. It appears that the only people they want to be safe are the abusers and sex traffickers they work to protect.

Do abortion activists believe abortions should be rare?  Again, the clear answer is no.  The abortion industry has worked for years to normalize abortion.  They want women who have had abortions to celebrate them and Big Abortion ostracizes and ignores women who regret the abortions they had. Abortion activists actively advocate for policies to make abortions more common and easier to obtain, rather than policies encouraging alternatives to abortion to make abortions rarer.

Do abortionists want abortions to be legal?  Not only do abortion activists want abortion to be legal, they advocate for legislation that will promote abortion rather than discourage it.

It is clear than that the abortion industry is no longer interested in abortions being safe, legal and rare.  Rather they want abortions on demand, through all stages of pregnancy, to be celebrated afterwards.  Most importantly, what they seem to care about more than anything is that abortions are lucrative, no matter what the cost to the mothers and their babies.

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