What youth don’t know about life issues, resources

The pro-life movement has put a lot of stock on its young people to carry on the fight for life. Young faces dominate the crowds at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., every January. They form pro-life school clubs. They support crisis pregnancy centers and pray outside abortion centers.

But with many of today’s youth, there is a disconnect.

A recent poll by Students for Life found that a large number of youth do not know much about abortion issues and alternatives. Read more here.

Some of the results were startling. Kristian Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life of America, wrote:

“What they don’t know is literally killing this generation as 58 percent admitted that they didn’t know where resources were in their community or campus to support a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who didn’t want to undergo an abortion.”

What’s more, 66 percent said they had a “favorable” view of Planned Parenthood, and 48 percent said they did not know whether Planned Parenthood offered abortions. Three in five students also believe the controversial “morning-after” pill should be available via vending machines.

Hawkins concluded that we need to do a better job educating young people about the right to life. Resources are out there. It’s just a matter of reaching out and sharing them.

In Pennsylvania, one of the best resources for youth is Real Alternatives. The alternatives to abortion program is made up of support networks throughout the Commonwealth that help women facing unplanned pregnancies. Through Real Alternatives, women are offered the assistance they need to give birth to and raise a child.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation also offers numerous educational resources on topics such as abortion, life before birth, Planned Parenthood and more. Real Alternatives and local crisis pregnancy centers typically offer their own posters and brochures, too. Find out more here.

Start by sharing these things with the people around you – friends, church congregation, children, grandchildren. Then, ask to speak to your church youth group, or hang up posters on community bulletin boards. Post the Real Alternatives website and hotline on Facebook or Twitter. Get involved in your local pro-life chapter.

The resources are there, and our youth need them. So, please don’t assume they know. Take a minute and share!

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