Kindergarten Teacher Dies after Late-Term Abortion; Abortionist Didn’t Answer Emergency Calls

A kindergarten teacher has died at the hands of a late-term abortionist.Not long ago, Jennifer Morbelli and her husband were making plans to Jennifer Morbelliwelcome their baby girl into the world. They had picked out baby things for her in a registry, and they even had chosen a name – Madison.

But when the couple found out that their baby girl had abnormalities, they decided to abort her. Read more here.

Infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart performed Jennifer’s abortion earlier this month at a center in Maryland. After the surgery, Jennifer went home and began experiencing intense pain. According to reports, the family tried to call Carhart, but he did not answer. They took her to the emergency room, and she died a few hours later.

Now, a source reveals that Carhart’s abortion center instructs its patients NOT to go to the emergency room. The instructions say that if the woman is having problems, she should call and meet someone at the center.

This case mirrors the tragic death of young Chicago mother Tonya Reeves last summer. In her case, she went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion and started having problems while she was there. The staff waited six hours before taking her to the emergency room. And then they failed to inform the hospital staff about her condition.

It’s also reminiscent of the horror stories that were revealed in Philadelphia two years ago. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell butchered women and newborn infants in his gristly practice. He now awaits trial for the deaths of seven newborns and a woman.

When will these sickening killings end? When will our society wake up and realize how devastating abortion is to preborn babies and their mothers?

The Pro-life Fight for Women

By Maria Gallagher

The line “War on Women” did not die on Election Night 2012. The pro-abortion lobby carefully coined this phrase in an attempt to neutralize advances made by those who believe that law and public policy should protect an innocent person’s right to life. It’s catchy, alliterative, and denotes violence and death, and so it works well in a soundbite world.

Every time the catch-phrase is uttered—on cable news, radio talk shows, and in the Twitterverse, it should be countered—in an equally soundbite-savvy way. For what the pro-life movement has been engaging in for the past 40 years is a Fight for Women. And many women are leading the charge:

Abby Johnson. This courageous mom once worked for Planned Parenthood, but, Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnsonwhen viewing an ultrasound-guided abortion—and seeing the goodness and kindness of the 40 Days for Life members standing vigil outside the abortion center door—walked bravely to “the other side.” She now assists those who work within the abortion industry to find a safe way out. You can learn more about her And Then There Were None ministry at . (And be sure to read her fascinating account of her transition from abortion proponent to pro-life advocate in her ground-breaking book, “Unplanned.” Abby is a passionate leader in the Fight for Women.

Lila Rose. This remarkable twenty-something is lila3tthe founder of Live Action, which uses the tried-and-true tools of investigative journalism to expose the illegal activity and corruption present in the abortion industry. Lila has been especially effective at lifting the veil behind the cover-up of the sexual abuse of minor girls. You can learn more about her at . Lila is a fearless truth-seeker in the Fight for Women.

Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden. These two articulate young women have put a face on “choice.” Both are survivors of attempts to take their lives through abortion. They have raised their voices for those unborn girls who have none, and their testimony is powerful. Discover their stories at and . Gianna and Melissa represent the heart and soul of the Fight for Women.

Kristan Hawkins. She is the Executive Director of Students Kristan_Hawkinsfor Life. She has invigorated pro-life activism on college campuses around the nation, and has helped to show the world that youth have a particular stake in the Fight for Women. The Students for Life success story can be found at . Kristan is among the leading strategists in the Fight for Women.

This is far from a complete list—but it does spotlight the role that young, vibrant leaders are playing in the Fight for Women. Whenever you hear abortion advocates talking about the War on Women, point to the awe-inspiring Millennials and Gen-Xers at the forefront of the pro-life movement and respond, “No, you must mean the Fight for Women—and we are winning!”