Keeping Tomorrow Alive

Carol Tobias

 “Keeping Tomorrow Alive” is a worthy theme for the 2017 National Right to Life Convention, which is taking place in Milwaukee this week.

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias opened the convention on a positive note, pointing out, “We keep tomorrow alive by bringing more and more people into the right-to-life movement to keep this fight going; people who will work beside us in our endeavors to protect innocent human life. But it’s also about an idea, a goal, that human life is to be valued and cherished and respected. Life is to be lived!

Tobias concedes there are challenges…unborn children who have “no more rights than an appendix”…a culture that claims that children with disabilities would be better off not being born…the pressure to commit “assisted suicide”….and the false claim by Planned Parenthood that abortion is “health care.”

But Tobias notes that pro-lifers are eternally optimistic–with good reason.

“We keep tomorrow alive by changing hearts and minds, educating newcomers and bringing them into the movement; by educating our young people so that they have the arguments to bolster their pro-life convictions, and by helping women who have aborted a son or a daughter to realize that they are welcomed and encouraged to join our ranks in the fight to protect innocent human life,” Tobias said.

You can view portions of the convention online at .